3D Generalist

At Eccentric, We are privileged to co-build the Virtual world with some of the best minds of our times. Since 2016, we are engaged in the Virtualization of Automotive Retail. We have helped leading Automotive Brands in the World the power of Virtual Interactions.

We are looking for a Principle First '3D Visualizer' at Eccentric Engine. As a 3D Visualizer/Generalist at EE you will be responsible for taking a product to scale and will be at the helm the strategy this include unlocking whole world of virtual interaction

To be successful in this role, You should be detail-oriented, flexible, creative, and a good team player. For this position specifically, you need to be Creative and Artistic with strong fundamental knowledge of Hard Surface Modeling, knowledge of automotive surfacing, color textures and Lighting as well as the attitude of unlearning to learn new things.

Eccentric’s Mission

We are building a Showroom-like experience in a virtual world where a vehicle buyer

  • Can take a 3D walkthrough of all models/variants/trims on sale
  • Can customize the vehicle and see exactly how it looks like and how much it will cost
  • Can take a ‘Virtual Consultation’ with a sales agent in the virtual world (some like to call it Metaverse)

What you’ll do

  • Knowledge of hard surface modeling, specifically needs to have knowledge of Automotive surfacing.
  • Need to be well versed with SubD modelling workflow and need to be well versed any of the following software : Blender ( Preferred), Maya(Preferred) or 3ds max & needs to be flexible enough to switch the workflows
  • Well versed in Creating neat and clean topology ( Midpoly and Lowpoly) and UVs.
  • A strong portfolio of your previous work and projects showcasing alignment of the skills with Requirements! ( Most preferably need to have Automotive Models and CGI work with exceptional compositing and post processing demonstrating your Skills)
  • Open to accept and work on constructive feedback to deliver high Quality 3d assets!
  • Need to Have good knowledge of the Automotive materials, Textures and PBR Based material work flow.
  • Need to have knowledge of Lighting, texturing and materializing
  • Need to be well versed automotive terminologies
  • Exceptional Interpersonal skills and communication skills

What we seek

  • Your responsibilities will include creating Accurate and High-Quality 3d models by Referring to reference images and Pictures of the Car’s exterior and Interior!
  • Needs to create meshes with neat and clean topologies so that the same can be used for Multiple workflows with minimal effort in editing it! Eg. ( High Poly for Rendering, Mid poly for other things and Low Poly for AR based workflows)
  • Modeling of leather and Fabric pieces for vehicle interiors.
  • Preparing 3d models according to One3d Standards and naming conventions.
  • Basic knowledge of UVs and Texturing!
  • Need to Have good knowledge of the Automotive materials, Textures and PBR Based material work flow.
  • Creating templates and SOP for different Templates of rendering setup such as (Studio, Urban, Countryside, etc...)
  • Need to create High res Images for different use cases such as Brochures, web integration etc.
  • Contributing to the development of new modeling pipelines.
  • Maintain Consistency and High Standards for Accuracy, aesthetics and productivity.

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